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Lazarus Community Centre is Geelong’s safe place for people who may be homeless or socially isolated

Lazarus Community Centre is Geelong’s safe place for people who may be homeless or socially isolated

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Safe & Welcoming

The Lazarus Centre is a place for people to feel safe and welcome. Somewhere where they can take a shower, wash and dry their clothes, have a light lunch, participate in activities, meet with volunteers and receive support from specialist homelessness staff.

All people are welcome whether they are homeless or not.

Holistic approach to addressing homelessness

We have extensive partnerships with all relevant local housing and support organisations to ensure a holistic approach to addressing people’s needs.

We partner with the community

Wherever possible we partner with the community to ensure ownership of local issues.

Support social connections through recreation and activities

We will leverage recreation and social activities on site to support people to develop social connections.

How We Help

A Safe Place for people who may be homeless or isolated to connect with Community

What does Lazarus Community Centre Offer?

Lazarus Community Centre provides a safe place for people suffering from homelessness or are disadvantaged, to come during the day, and receive services such as hot showers, fresh clean clothing, a hot meal, and a place to use as recreation or relaxation.

Additionally, we regularly have visiting hairdressers, chiropractors, nurses, and doctors to address clients’ needs on a pro bono basis.

Lazarus Community Centre can also facilitate referral to social workers such as Neami National for assistance with housing services, and appointments with Centrelink and health care planning.

How can you access Lazarus Community Centre?

Lazarus community Centre is open between 9am and 4pm daily (weekdays only) people suffering from homelessness or are disadvantaged, can come and visit us, unannounced and in confidence. Lazarus provides open arms to all in need.

Where is Lazarus Community Centre Located?

Currently Lazarus Community centre is located at 202 Myers Street, within the previous Wardens Quarters of the Geelong Goal.

Who can use the Lazarus Community Centre services?

Lazarus Community Centre has open arms to all people suffering homelessness or are disadvantaged.  Our kind hearted volunteers will cook a warm meal, and can be an ear to listen.  We also have several onsite social workers provided by Salvation Army, who can assist in opening case files and referring people to appropriate services tailored to the needs of every client.

Lazarus Community Centre is for all people of Geelong in need.

We are community.

We are Geelong.

Founded in 2015, the Lazarus Community Centre formed a partnership with SalvoConnect Barwon. With a lot of community support through working bees to prepare the old Geelong Gaol and garden areas, the centre launched in 2017.

Unfortunately, homelessness is a problem in the Barwon Region but with the community, we are providing much-needed support and facilities to people in need.

Join us in providing a safe and welcoming centre for all. 


homeless people in Barwon are under the age of 18.


of the homeless in Barwon are sleeping rough in tents, cares and other improvised dwellings


increase in people who accessed homelessness services in Barwon

Join us in improving the life and wellbeing of people living in the Geelong area.